Friday, December 09, 2005

Put Saddam on Trial Eichmann-Style

When it comes to rogue dictators and terrorists, I'm a proponent of the "swift justice" school of thought, and I'm confident that the Delta boys hunting Osama bin Laden are of the same school, unlike those who arrested Saddam Hussein two years ago. Not much good can come of his trial, except to highlight to horrors he perpetrated on his country and people for decades. But so long as he's permitted virtually to run the courtroom, the world won't get that much-needed education. Charles Krauthammer agrees.

This is absurd. If anything, Hussein should be brought in wearing prison garb, perhaps in shackles, just for effect. And why was he given control of the script? He shouts, interrupts and does his Mussolini histrionics unmolested. Instead of the press being behind a glass wall, it is Hussein who should be. Better still, placed in a glass booth, like Eichmann, like some isolated specimen of deranged humanity, symbolically and physically cut off from the world of normal human values.


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