Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Reagan and the Pope

Peggy Noonan on this influential pair:

I know they kept each other informed, signaled to each other. They were unalike but had similarities. JPII was an intellectual in the 20th century European tradition -- he knew of what philosophers were saying, took their thought seriously, pondered it, and came up with counter-arguments and observations and assertions. Reagan was not up at night pondering Kirkegaard. He was an American boy who loved Jesus, wanted to rise, ultimately studied the Federalist Papers, and the work of the Founders. He was interested in political philosophy, not theology. So: One was Warsaw misty, the other was Midwest bright. But they had much in common. They both meant it. They were both actors as young men, they both believed in things that were higher than themselves, they both rose from obscurity and modest origins, and they were both tough guys who seemed, and were, sweet. And they both knew they didn't rise for no reason. They got each other.


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