Friday, January 13, 2006

Pro-Choice Absolutism

In an editorial today, the New York Times targets moderate Republicans on the Alito nomination, urging them to vote against him because he will, they believe, rollback abortion rights. It's not a surprising position for the NYT, in either its tack or its unreasonableness. The editorial concluded with this gem:

The single most important thing a senator can do to support abortion rights is to vote against Supreme Court nominees who would take such rights away. Give Judge Alito's record and his testimony, it is hard to see how Senators Specter, Chafee, Snowe and Collins -- or any other pro-choice senators -- can call themselves strong advocates of abortion rights if they support him.

This is instructive but, again, unsurprising: of course the paper, along with other liberals, believes the Supreme Court is where matters like this should be decided. But the suggestion that "the single most important thing" is for senators to vote against "anti-abortion" or "anti-Roe" nominees? What about convincing their fellow Americans that a right to an abortion can be found in the Constitution or that a fetus is not a human life?


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