Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Book Reviews

The Third Reich in Power: 1933-1939 by Richard Evans. Reviewed in the Boston Globe by John Merriman: "This is a work drawn from a mountain of scholarship by a generation of other historians. As a readable synthesis of the period, Evan's second volume, like its predecessor, is a major achievement. He brings to life the rapid, brutal consolidation of Hitler's power after his coming to the chancellery in January 1933."

Death's Door: Modern Dying and the Ways We Grieve by Sandra M. Gilbert. Reviewed in the Boston Globe by Glenn C. Altschuler: "She acknowledges that, in a recent poll, more than 80 percent of Americans affirmed a belief in a heaven where people live forever with God. But these people do no appear in 'Death's Door,' a book for -- and about -- secular humanists, blue staters, and devotees of Stravinsky, 'Gravity's Rainbow,' Volvos, and vegetables."

The Good Life: A Novel by Jay McInerney. Reviewed in the Washington Post by Dan Chaon: "Honestly, it seems McInerney doesn't know what to do with this material. He skirts the complex observations and deep feelings discussed in hsi moving essays on 9/11. Perhaps the tragedy feels so sacrosanct, so enormous, that he has chosen not to apply the skills that are closest to his true talent, and what's left is this odd, stilted, earnestly tremulous book."


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