Sunday, March 19, 2006

After Three Years, Still Right to Fight

This article by John Lloyd comes as close as any I've read to mirroring my own thoughts on Iraq at the three-year mark. My position is basically this: we still face considerable problems in Iraq; the situation is better than some in the media portray but worse than the Bush administration usually suggests. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties (as Lloyd points out, these are issues of execution, not of strategic or moral judgment), it was right to fight. "Iraq's murderous present is no reason for not getting rid of its genocidal past," writes Lloyd.

And we must continue to fight, until we win. While Donald Rumsfeld's analogy to turning Germany over to the Nazis is imperfect, to leave Iraq now would be to turn it over to especially vicious people, to say nothing of the damage to the U.S.'s credibility. It would be a disgrace. We've made progress, and the strides of Iraq toward representative government -- while still tenuous and unstable -- are encouraging. The Iraqi people have something now they didn't have three years ago: hope. It is not triumphalism to say the U.S. and the coalition gave them that hope. We must not take it away.


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