Tuesday, March 14, 2006

American Idol Top 12

It's Stevie Wonder night . . .

Ace, "Do I Do." Very average. And his customary camera stare at the end -- that always creeps me out, frankly. Maybe you have to be a teenage girl to enjoy that.

Kellie, "Blame It on the Sun." Despite a valiant effort to lower expectations in her intro clip and a charm-your-pants-off sitdown with Ryan afterwards, it's not enough to overcome a very boring performance. Pace Simon, she does look beautiful, though.

Elliott, "Knocks Me Off My Feet." Good, not great, which I'll chalk up to a song selection that really didn't highlight his vocal talent.

Mandisa, "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing." Well done, as usual -- perhaps not her best of the competition, but very solid and better than Ace, Kellie, and Elliott.

Bucky, "Superstition." His country-rock voice clashes with the R&B tune, and the vocal left a bit to be desired, but it was entertaining, I'll give him that. He's not long for this competition, though.

Melissa, "Lately." She's a little out of her sultry-rock-chick element and delivers a pretty average performance, including botched lyrics, that nevertheless exceeds my expectations. Her weeks are numbered, which is too bad, because I've become quite a fan. She looks really cute tonight, too.

Lisa, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." It looks like she's finally starting to break out of that child-singer-on-Broadway routine. It still felt a bit forced, a bit too controlled at times, but she's making progress. I liked it.

Kevin, "Part-Time Lover." Cringe-inducing. Is it really a compliment that Randy is cracking up while praising him? I'd say he'd be going home this week, but I thought that for sure last time.

Katharine, "Until You Come Back to Me." Not the most exciting song for me, but a sterling performance. I'm not a fan of the frumpy dress she's wearing, but otherwise, she looks gorgeous.

Taylor, "Living for the City." Loved it, loved it, loved it. Simply amazing. Best of the night so far, and I don't see how Paris and Chris can top this.

Paris, "All I Do." Very, very good; well done. Still shy of Taylor's high benchmark, but up there. Best girl of the night, with Katharine a close second. The singing with Ryan afterwards was a bit much, though.

Chris, "Higher Ground." Surprisingly good; he got lucky with the Chili Peppers cover. While he's clearly very talented, he has yet to blow me over. He nails it every week, he's entertaining every week, but it's basically the same every week.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the danger zone: Kevin, Bucky, and Melissa.

Potential surprise to go home: Ace.

Prediction: Melissa.

UPDATE (3/15/06, 9:30 PM): And Melissa it is, with Lisa and Ace rounding out the bottom three.


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