Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Distance Factor

Rep. Mark Kennedy of Minnesota is perhaps the GOP's best shot at picking up a Senate seat this year. On Hugh Hewitt's radio show yesterday, Hewitt asked him whether he would "welcome the president to Minnesota." Kennedy's noncommittal response had to have been a bit surprising to Hewitt, who seems to believe Bush will be making -- and candidates will want him to make -- the kind of whirlwind campaign tour he made so successfully in 2002.

Well, you know, the President has been nice enough to come and help me raise money to get my message out. And whether the President comes out again, I don't know. Possibly, but they're going to want to spend this whole campaign on the other side, as I said, talking about Bush. I'm going to focus on my agenda, on the solutions that I've put forth, and make sure that we're talking about things that Minnesotans care about.


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