Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quote of the Day

I don't like to think about Ryan's relationship with his mother. I'm not saying there's a damn thing wrong with it, but I know how deeply Ryan is into approval? Imagine he wrote a poem, or something, and he wanted to show it to his mother, like, how he would come running into the room, all, "Mother! Mother! I have written a quatrain that I would like for you to read!" And she's like, "Dear child-man, son of mine, sit and rub these tired old feet by the fire, for I have been working long into the night, and such a jones have I," and then...he does. --Jacob, of Television without Pity, on Ryan Seacrest

If you're not reading the American Idol recaps over there, you're missing out. Full of sarcastic gems (and spot-on analysis) every week.


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