Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hillary the Warrior Queen?

With the publication of John Podhoretz's book -- which I probably won't read, although I'm a fan and think his Bush Country ranks among the very best of the political genre -- there's a great deal of talk about Hillary Clinton and her campaign for president. I'd like to see her lose and would never vote for her, but let me say that I don't fear a Hillary presidency as much as I did a Kerry presidency. Her opinions on Iraq and Iran -- minus the sometimes unduly harsh criticisms of Bush (which are, in any event, to be expected; she's a Democrat, after all) -- do not distress me too much. Plus, she has always come across to me as cold and ruthless -- ideal qualities for taking on our enemies. So count me unpersuaded by anyone who might argue that Hillary could not adequately prosecute the war.


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