Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mademoiselle Thatcher

I can't claim to know much at all about French politics, but it seems that Sabine Herold, a twenty-five-year-old French libertarian running for parliament, would be a vast improvement on the status quo. She gained prominence by protesting against striking workers and, later, had this to say about the U.S.:

I think the United States is a country of freedom. Our two countries have very strong historical ties. I don't approve of the fact that so many French people are anti-American, because we have the same culture. I like that America is a country of freedom, and a country where you can create and make yourself what you want to be.

I wouldn't say that America is a perfect country, but it's a country where you can at least try.

Plus, she's kinda cute:

Viva la France.


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